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We are pleased to announce that AM Tech Day APAC will be held at
Wharf 2 and 3 Hickson Rd, Dawes Point, Sydney, Australia

Wharf 2 and 3 at Dawes Point, located in the historic heart of Sydney, provide an unparalleled venue for AM Tech Day APAC. These wharves, with their stunning waterfront views of the iconic Sydney Harbour and a backdrop rich in maritime heritage, create the perfect setting for this premier asset management event. 

AM Tech Day APAC will highlight the latest innovations and best practices in asset management, featuring expert presentations, interactive displays, and invaluable networking opportunities. With spacious, versatile interiors and convenient access to nearby attractions, Wharf 2 and 3 ensure that attendees will experience a memorable and inspiring day dedicated to advancing the field of asset management.

Wharf 2 and 3

Pier 2 & 3 at Walsh Bay Arts Precinct

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